Self-service cloud
reporting for every user

No more waiting on IT.  Empower your end users with better data access.

Empower end users to answer data questions --across all apps.

Reporting gotcha’s in each app, the complexity of data silos and data itself often means reporting is IT’s problem. Popdock lets you put data at the fingertips of your users where they work, and empowers end users do better.

Self-service cloud reporting

End user-friendly
options to work with your data

Simplify reporting & take the reliance off IT.


Customize, calculate & format.

  • Use your terminology: Rename fields and columns on standard lists and custom lists that make sense for your team.​
  • Add Calculated Fields using functions or scripting.
  • Use restrictions and parameters to filter data.
  • Create and use global variables to use throughout Popdock.
self-service cloud reporting​

Visualize data with
charts & summaries

With a quick-click, display as your data in one of the chart types.
Easily export, pin in your dashboard, or embed the chart in another application.

Data visualization
Bar Chart
data visulization
Area Chart
Data visulization
Column Chart
data Visualization
Donut Chart
data Visualization
Funnel Chart
data Visualization
Line Chart
data Visualization
data Visualization
Pie Chart
data Visualization
Tree Map

be more productive

Actions: Do things with your data.

Drill down and take action.

  • Universal Actions:  Copy values & rows.
  • Connector-specific Actions:  Things you can do specific to that source system.  For example: For a helpdesk app data, update a ticket, open the record or change the ticket status.
  • Custom Actions:  Processes you can create yourself to open a website or call an API. For example:  Call an automation in Microsoft PowerAutomate or eOne’s SmartConnect to run.
all the data, in your app

See your data where you need it

Convenience is key for productivity, adoption, and doing the things that need to get done.  Use Popdock as the data access interface or make it easy to access external data in your app.

Learn more about embedding data with Virtual Integration.